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What’s the internal discipline look like in the CIA? We know torture is still acceptable seeing that Haspel is now the Director, is whistleblowing on other agents crimes the only thing that’ll get you in trouble with the agency?

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Why didn’t anyone at the CIA go public when they realized the Bush admin was fudging their intel reports to get us into an illegal war?

What was the general feeling amongst the rank and file when they watched Powell lie his ass off at the UN using supposed CIA intel?

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If torture gets you promoted, what types of things would get you fired or even a slap on the wrist?

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Bullshit, it was the civilian leadership who organized it.

The CIA analysts on the ground were unanimous, Sadam didn’t have WMDS. These people have no control over what the executive branch does with their intelligence.

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What’s the highest level of education your mother reached? Do you think there is a direct correlation between education levels and those who use places like “vaxtrutherforgod.org” as sources?