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I am running for Congress because I have struggled a lot in my life and I want such a thing to not be a reality in this country in the future. Some might disagree, but what happens in congress is important. Electoral politics is a major aspect of how the structure of our society is determined. Now, that does not mean that electoral politics is sufficient on its own, but this is a necessary component.

The other component, is what you said, the people. A proper strategy to change society will combine the efforts of the people who have funded my campaign and elected me to the seat, as well as my efforts in the capitol. The people's help will be vital in instituting change. An event that sticks out to me a lot is when Cory Bush was sleeping on the steps of the capitol to demand change, that is the kind of actions the people need to coordinate with their representatives to get change, but at much larger scales.

The final part of your question in terms of economics, I understand the topic more deeply than most. I've read books from Adam Smith and David Ricardo, to Kropotkin and Marx, as well as modern economists like Jeffery Sachs and Yanis Varoufakis. Capitalism and Socialism are buzzwords at this point removed from the realities of our current economic system and removed from the academic sense of those words. Markets will always exist in some form or another in my opinion. Human beings, either it is nature or not have a particular predisposition to want to trade. No other animal has ever said to another of its kind "this is mine and that is yours, I will give you this for that" other than human beings, that's what makes us special.

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I am more than happy to elaborate further on my life, though, my website's about page will have information in that context as well. Currently, I left my work to focus on this, but what I did before was work for a tech company called "Wix Inc." They are a website building company like Squarespace, I worked as an SEO Expert in their company. My education is mostly self directed, I have never referred to myself as this, but others have called me an "autodidact". I did not have a lot of traditional schooling. I took my GED around the age of 16 and basically stopped going to school since, after I worked to help my family with bills and so we would be struggling less, eventually due to my own personal self-education, I eventually worked for Wix.

As for why I am qualified, well, I would ask, what more do you want from a representative than someone who sleeps in the same places that you sleep, eat the same foods as you, live under the same conditions, struggles in the same ways. I know the problems of this country and how you can fix them, it doesn't have to be me specifically, but I see nobody else speaking about the things that are necessary and that is also the same reason I decided to run.

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I don't agree that someone needs some specific specific skill or trait to be a public representative. That is how you walk in to an technocratic or oligarchic form of governance. Public positions should be held by the public and the only qualification you should need is that you are a citizen, that's it. Any other personal requirements may or may not make you vote for someone, but it shouldn't qualify or disqualify anyone.

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I wouldn't call it "pure performance", but all protests are a performance to a degree, but it doesn't mean it isn't substantive. Biden announced a freeze in evictions until October just five days after she did it. I think more should have been demanded, sure, but the tactics are not dissimilar to what I am envisioning. I think civil disobedience can be powerful ESPECIALLY if you couple that with a policy goal and a voice in congress.

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My last name is Paredes, I appreciate the tip about my last name, but, I wouldn't say my website lacks substance. It has a lot of policy substance! Also, I do have a picture on of me on the homepage, my picture on the homepage is more visible on a desktop rather than a mobile device.

I believe that the only specific qualification anyone would need to run for any sort of government position is that they are a citizen of the United States. Having specific skills or traits for qualification or disqualification would eventually lead to technocratic or oligarchic rule.

However, why you should vote for me is a different question and that is because my overall goal in politics is to remove the blight of poverty from the borders of the US. To make it so anyone who is an American will live a prosperous life regardless of who they are, who their parents are, or the circumstances of their birth.

I can assure you that I am not a bot in any capacity!