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JoyceGriggs202064 karma

Yes, very concerned. I believe there must be campaign finance reform. Corporate PACs have bought a lot of politicians. A lot of good, honest and sincere people can't win because they do not have the money. Once you take Corporate PAC money, they own you.

JoyceGriggs202025 karma

No but I will be the first black female veteran in Congress. I was also among the first women to go to Airborne school and earn my wings.

JoyceGriggs202023 karma

I fought for all our freedoms abroad and I stand by them today, that's why I'm running.

JoyceGriggs202021 karma

Yes, I am. Oftentimes they add too many topics to bills which should probably be a totally different bill. The bills become diluted with a lot of items irrelevant to the main bill. I'm for streamlining the bills.

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We need to keep the 4th Amendment close at hand. The Patriot Act went around certain 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Fear of a terrorist attack does not make it reasonable to search folks who have no clear connection to any evidence thereof. But we've stretched that reasoning way too far.