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Thanks for doing an AMA! I have just started a PhD in Microbiology studying antimicrobial resistance in the food chain and would be very interested to know your opinion on antibiotic usage in farms.

In your opinion how much does antibiotic usage in the foodchain contribute to AMR in the human microbiota? The literature seems to be quite divided on this issue. Also, do you think that we can defeat AMR solely by stewardship of existing antibiotics or will we require new formulations or alternative therapies?

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Thank you very much for the response Willem! Very clear and I hope interesting to other people in this thread.

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It is definitely interesting and thank you for referencing your paper, I will make sure to give it a read. I have also found it quite interesting that in Campylobacter fluoroquinolone resistance has been maintained stably even after these drugs have stopped being used in livestock, showing that sometimes bacteria compensate for their resistance traits.