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Josiah_Bartlet517 karma

The AMA I have been waiting for.

Hi Martin, as is probably evident by my username, I am a massive fan of The West Wing and your character specifically. I have rewatched the series numerous times and will again. It was impossible to narrow down to one question so I will take whatever answer(s) I can get.

  • What are your thoughts on the show post-Sorkin? I believe 1-4 were the best but that 5-7 were still damn good television.

  • What is your favorite memory with John Spencer?

  • What is the funniest behind the scenes moment you can remember?

I guess I'll restrain myself and limit to three!

Josiah_Bartlet1 karma

Big fan, Rob! Any chance you reprise your role as the one true Schmidt? The set of New Girl has to be hilarious...any good stories from it?