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I'm confused - they can't correlate being zapped with what they did wrong, but if they disobey you and you chase them and drag them back by the collar, they can associate that? I would've thought the sooner the consequence was to the event, the more likely it would be to correlate in their mind.

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I've used them in my current house (new build) and previous (relatively new house, maybe 90s-00s) without any problems at all. Get excellent speed and no interruptions from spikes like boiling the kettle. I play a fair bit of Counter Strike which needs a consistently decent ping with no jitter to work well and I have not had any issues from the powerline adaptors at all. I also stream from network storage (from both inside and outside the network) that is separated from the router with a powerline adaptor - again no issues.

I think if you have terrible old wiring then they are not going to work but this is not a problem with the product. If you have new wiring and you buy a decent model you would be hard pressed to notice a difference from ethernet as a regular user. Certainly better than WiFi in my experience.

I appreciate they might be the bane of your existence as you probably have clueless people installing them in old houses and then calling BT to come explain why their internet doesn't work. But I don't think that makes them "cancer".

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Simplest way is to learn the notation for the faces then follow a set of algorithms online.

Once you are comfortable you start to realise you can do the first two "layers" intuitively which speeds up your times considerably. In my experience after that it becomes a lot harder to shave more time off your solves so it's only worth it if you're interested in speed solving.

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Could be either. From what I have heard of Virgin they oversubscribe like mad and you end up being throttled at peak times. However, if your wiring is old then the powerline adaptors will likely not work. I would suggest wiring a device directly into the router and perform some tests and then compare that with the results you get over the powerline.