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I hope you realize you are like a super hero to so many people. Your will, dedication and bravery are beyond many. I admire your efforts. Thank you for entertaining us.

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Are you happy?

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The amount is around 860$. over a 3 year period if you work more than 8 months earning more than that, your benefits are discontinued and you have to re-apply.

Source: Ticket to work member with long time difficulty regarding above question.

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I have always wanted to do this job. Can you offer a suggestion or two on how to get started, who to contact (I.e. what type of agent etc) and if there is any cost to getting started? Thanks! Best of luck!

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If he transported meth to pay for your life-saving surgery. Why did he choose to continue to commit the crimes afterwards? Do you feel any guilt for the people who will be introduced to meth for the first time from the product your dad delivered? I apologize, but one question just would not suffice. Thank you for your time.