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Josh_Vandenbrink18 karma

Hahaha Sorry, I'm just thinking about how I answer this honestly without a thousand follow up questions... that I have to skip. I filled a very similar role as being a Pararescuemen in the military.

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It was really cool actually. He found me on IG when I was really new. He bought my 11th flag I ever sold. When I got his DM I was sure I was getting catfished by a fake Joe Rogan account. haha

Josh_Vandenbrink15 karma

Are you saying that I'm destroying the world but you can't resist dumping an Office TV show reference??? Interesting priorities...

Josh_Vandenbrink15 karma

DUDE, zero foreplay huh? haha

No idea! But I fuckin hope so... and that Bob Lazar resonates with me and I hear bullshit stories constantly...

Josh_Vandenbrink14 karma

hahaha solid question.... is it a fight to the death or a dance off?