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Josh93826 karma

Hey, i'm a massive fan!

How many dub plates do you have? I saw the madonna one of Major Lazer and got curious :)

Do you have any plans on touring the UK? We're getting fucked this year, no gigs :(

What's your dirty pleasure music?

Thanks :D

edit: guess we're not getting a tour :p At least I go back to 'murica next year :/

Josh9385 karma

Hey! Big fan!

Do you have any plans on starting your own podcast or something? I needs me some more Spencer.

Also, do you have any plans on a Season 2 of Harmonquest?


Josh9381 karma

Do you think you will ever do a UK tour?

How will your sets change with the coming album? Will it still be more dance-y or will it be more orientated to your new album and style?

Love youuu