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When I was growing up, it was considered dangerous to even post your real name online.

Now, it's become the norm to share everything on social media. All the details of your personal life, plus tagging in real-time which restaurant you're eating at, which bar you're drinking at, etc.

LinkedIn is the weirdest of all to me: people think nothing of posting their company and position there, when it's essentially broadcasting to every stranger online "hey, here's where I spend 8-9 hours of my day everyday." In fact, not posting that information can even hurt your career.

How do we move back to a more online-privacy-aware society?

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When's the I'm With Busey reunion special?

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Why's a top-rated stock analyst buying Walmart-brand vegetable oil? ;)

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I'm curious about the impact this change has made on your financial situation. To go from a doctor to an indie game dev is such a massive downgrade in income. How did you survive?

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Who's your favorite Spice Girl?