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I am almost 27 and still don't have a great handle on society either. I think I have grown in my ability to recognize my limits (e.g. in high stimuli environments, big social gatherings, etc.), being more confident to either express my needs to others, or by leaving a situation if I am too drained, which has been helpful. I am also fortunate to (in many cases) have a friend or carer present that can help me out (either directly or indirectly), which can be a great support

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Daisy does provide general reassurance, but as a service dog she is trained to do certain things. Some cues relate to autism, others to my physical disability or medical equipment. I can signal Daisy with either voice or hand cues, which is great. I often rely on the hand cues more when I am in a higher stress environment.

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The one I use most frequently is one called 'rest' where I can ask her to lay her head on a part of my body. Hopefully you can see Daisy's excitement for being on reddit in the proof photo!

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Leaving can be awkward, but staying would be worse.

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Autism impacts me day to day in a sort of avlanache of tiny pebbles, I'm struggling to name a big boulder although I'm sure there are some in my life. Support from family & friends (e.g. having a carer present) has been helpful, experience has been helpful (even if an experience doesn't go well, I can still use it to maybe avoid some of the pebbles next time), etc. I expect the pebbles to continue honestly, no matter how experiences I get in certain environments.