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How do you like being named Jory? That was my name before I got adopted around a month old.

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Will you pay me to read books if I have a nice voice?

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GFCI requirements are based on outlet location. They also have GFCI breakers that will handle the whole circuit, but a GFCI outlet in the circuit will do the same thing. In this case I think you're right, a hardwired pump would be the best bet. Interested to hear the state's response to OP. I am (hmmm, was. I resigned recently) an electrician and while a lot of my work was in the Air Force, I don't know anything about missile silos other than the fact that I desperately want to own one some day. There's one in the same state as me that's shockingly 'affordable'.

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Which carrier are you on? I build, well, overhaul them.