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Hi! There are nearly a third fewer rock acts this year compared to last year (and that's being generous as to what constitutes "rock" this year, and conservative as to what fit the bill last year). I know the genre isn't commercially relevant, but it doesn't feel like it's gotten significantly less commercially relevant than it was a year ago. Why the shift?

Sub-question: Why have your biggest straight-up rock name in the Strokes headline a day that features only one other rock artist in Soccer Mommy?

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Here is a theory I have heard making the rounds: Kanye/KSG were the headliner they had in mind for Sunday, with the Strokes headlining Friday and the Voidz playing either Saturday or Sunday during the day.

Then, things fall through with Kanye/KSG. The decision is made - either intentionally, or because they can't find another major name in the time they had - to have Tyler headline. But since he's in the "someone who hasn't headlined before getting a bump" category, they don't want him headlining on Sunday, since the festival closer is usually one of the bigger names involved. So, The Strokes get moved to Sunday, and the Voidz to Friday.

It's a little Galaxy Brain, but it would make sense given that Tyler is headlining a day that features a relatively large number of rock bands, while the Strokes are headlining a day that leans so heavily hip-hop.

I have no idea if this theory is true or not, and have no evidence one way or the other. But it at least tells a good story. :)

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Out of curiosity, how much of the decision to cancel was you guys, and how much came from the city/parks department? Or is it even possible to quantify that kind of thing?

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Casting my vote for "yes." Dissecting them with other GovBall nerds on reddit and elsewhere beats the pants off of working all day. :)

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Yes, but will the Strokes sign a waiver saying they'd gladly get hit by lightning while playing for you?

My guess is that's a negatory.