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JordyBoothy41 karma

Hello Don.

This is lovely. How often do well-known people open themselves to the public? The internet isn't entirely shallow I guess. Anyway, I tend to blab on too much so I'll try and be quick with the question.

I'm 17 and am currently developing an idea for an animated series/feature film. Hopefully, I can gather the resources and time to animate it traditionally; perhaps even on par with the classic Disney flicks.

Okay, I lied to you. I have 2 questions. I'm really sorry about this.

-What would you reccomend I do to get my finished work noticed? -What kind of salary are you earning? Do you have a job on the side of animation?

Thank you so much. Hope to see more of you. (I'll be that guy peeping through your window.)

JordyBoothy20 karma

What a satisfying response, I shan't forget it. Thank you again!

Your life gives hope for mine.