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Jordan__D10 karma

hey you guys ! Pretty psyched for Trouble will find me BTW will there be a song with the word chandelier in it? I was wondering where Bryce learned to speak French, also what was the best live show you attended. Finally I wanted to know if you played the original Portal before Valve asked you to write a song for its sequel.


PS: Your Bobs Burgers' song was amazing

Jordan__D5 karma

So Ryan North told a version of the story on how he met you guys, can you share yours?

Jordan__D3 karma

Hi Mr. Hyneman! First I'd like to thank you for your work with Mythbusters you guys really brought me back into to physics back in high school. I watched your NASA talk the other and I was wondering if you were still working with them? Also a while ago Adam said you had never been on a casual dinner together is this still true? Thanks!

Jordan__D1 karma

Hello ! What's your dog name? More seriously how did you get into VA?