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That’s interesting – tell me more about is there any interest in google search passing a Turing type test?

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How do you feel about this is my favorite answer in the entire AMA in reality?

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I'm one of the instigators of material design. It actually came about a couple of years ago when we were working on a design problem involving Google Search. I was looking at mobile results on cards and I asked "what is this made of?" People gave me funny looks, like 'what do you mean? It's just pixels." But I didn't think that was a good answer.

When you physically interact with software – actually touching the cards and links and buttons, etc. – you bring a lot of expectations around how physical objects behave. If the interface isn't thoughtful about those expectations – if it's just a bunch of pixels – it leaves you with a rather unsatisfying and inauthentic experience.

Material design came about when thinking how to make Google Search better on mobile devices. So we plan to bring material design to all of its products, including Search.

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Feature request filed! Thanks!