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What keeps you going every day? Did you ever feel like giving up along the way?

I get discouraged sometimes - just like everyone. I question whether my music/life/work matters at all.

The danger is letting other people define your soul's worth. Sometimes folks will like what you do, other times they'll hate it.

But I continually remind myself that I do NOT matter as a result of what I do, I matter because of who I AM. I am not a "human doing" but a "human being. " I matter simply because I was made in the image of the unmade maker, and I am loved by Love.

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Hey Jon! I'm a classical guitarist student in South Africa. Loved your show when you came down here. I also really enjoy your new stuff - "My Coffin" has a neat time signature ;) Your songs dwell a lot on the concept of death being necessary for rebirth. What personal experiences have you had that influenced this theme? Looking forward to the latest EP!

yo south africa!

glad you like "my coffin" the time signature is 7 with a bridge in 5 (I think?!)

I constantly wrestle with the polarity of the human condition- stuck between birth and death. But not just that- we're head tight in tension between faith and doubt, love and fear, etc... I picture these like guitar strings strung in tension across the guitar.

I think the tendency is to run towards one end or the other- or try to alleviate the tension. But maybe our role here is to make music with the tension. Just as a guitar can only play when the strings are stretched tight.

With that in mind, I feel like dying to myself is a daily task necessary for true abundant life.

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What motivates you to dive into the crowd at every show?

I love people. I am one of them and they are one of me.

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Hi Jon! How you can describe Switchfoot record #10? Is this record similar to others? if yes tell to which one the most

hmmmmm... we're still throwing paint at the wall without trying to define the canvas.

We are approaching the writing process in a completely different way, influenced by the way Dr Dre and a few others have approached the song writing process. Longer story, but really been a fun process!

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Jon! You manage to do a lot of "acrobatics" at your shows (climbing up balconies, handrails, etc.). Have you ever injured yourself during a show? Thanks!

many times...

I've got a couple scars (a few on my face) ... though saying it here sounds more rock and roll than it really is. eating it is never fun.