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So, in short, you're all completely incompetent morons who can't properly run a fair election like 99.9% of the country?

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How realistic is the newest Jack Ryan series? Also, any tips/how did you get into the line? And what was your cover when people asked what you did, if you can say?

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How much did Contact influence you?

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Well, you guys moved slow and still broke things, so there's that... (Two minutes late? Are you fucking kidding me? That's blatantly and insultingly deliberate running out of the clock).

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Well it’d be nice if they could figure out a way to run elections appropriate for the world’s once-strongest and richest democracy, not some bass-ackwards African microrepublic. But I guess Florida is content continuing to rig elections for the Republicans, I guess if anything was ever going to change 2000 would’ve been the time.