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A State Court has asked Postmaster general to give testimony in court regarding mail in ballots after the Post office conceded that it failed to abide by the "sweep for ballots" ruling by the Court recently.

What are the possible outcomes of this testimony for De Joy and the election laws?

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Really didn't expect a reply to this one. Most people doing AMA only level top level comments. Can't thank you enough, as I don't think I could have found an answer to this doubt today.

While the changes in votes might not change results this year, I think it would be a good precedent to set against voter suppression attempts by people in public offices, for the purpose of future elections.

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Thanks for the response. I'm interested if it could end up changing vote counts in any state of this year's election or is it mostly about holding the Postmaster General accountable.

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Gideon conceded apparently, so that one is in the bag for Collins

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When the margin is less than 1% decision desk doesn't calls the election. Might be the same for other media houses as well.