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Nope, it's still there. https://wt.social/wt/stop-the-gender-madness There isn't any "report subwiki" option (at least not that I could find) so I am not sure what power people currently have to stop stuff like this from happening.

What kinds of tools are you planning on introducing to help with this as you grow?

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Thanks for doing this, Jimmy!

Yesterday, WT:Social recommended that I join a subwiki that’s dedicated to attacks on trans people. Do you think this is okay? If not, how do you plan to keep things like this from happening in the future?

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This is a really good point. Since I've often been critical of WT:Social, I should also give credit where credit is due: I was very glad to see them specifically call out a desire for diversity in their invitation for admins.

That said, there's a question as to how far to take ideological diversity. Does it also include anti-vaxxers? White supremacists? Fascists? People who align with fascists but use different language? These are hard problems, and it'll be interesting to see where WT:Social draws the line.

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Thanks very much for the responses, and thanks also for deleting the subwiki. I'm working on a followon post about WT:Social and will include a link to this discussion - I'll drop it here and tag you on Twitter when it's ready.

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Great followup question, would love to hear an answer to this!