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It's a real concern of mine. I don't believe the government are fools, I think they know what they are doing.

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It's gotten pretty complicated over the last year but I'll try.

Government want us to work more for either 1) less money or 2) the same amount of money. The government have wrongly misrepresented statistics to try and make their argument stronger. The government no longer want to negotiate and have imposed the contact on us - this is them standing up and saying "I'm big, you're small. I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it".

The contract is disliked by everyone apart from the government. The junior doctors dislike it. The Royal Colleges (people in charge of our training) dislike it. Patient groups dislike it. Senior doctors dislike it.

I have never felt more demoralised. I applied for a job to start in August, I was successful and got my first choice job in my first choice area - but because of everything that's happened, I don't know if I'm going to actually start the job.

I love my job, but I hate what this government are trying to do to us.

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I am. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland currently have no plans to impose a contract.

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Jeremy Hunt is literally Mrs Trunchbull.

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I do. I fully support Norman Lamb's recent proposal of a cross party independent NHS governing body. I imagine it would be a bit like the Bank of England, but for healthcare matters.