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Have you been able to/Are you still able to work in some way and earn a living?

What’s on your mind a lot? Do you worry a lot? Do you think about things you still want to do and how to do them? Do you think about family and friends a lot?

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I am pretty sure - even though I have never seen you - that they are not saying it to make you feel better. The way I understand your condition, it’s logical to me that you must clearly look like a woman. You are one, in all but your genes. And since I can’t see your genes, you are clearly a woman.

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So you look like a woman, right? Do you feel like a woman or does a part of you feel like a man and like you should have a penis?

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Seriously, naked? In a haunted house? In the US of all places? Why though? How is nudity scary?

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Is it true that this virus destroys olfactory nerve cells and that’s why people lose their sense of smell?

Whichever cells are attacked and destroyed by the virus, I thought they would reproduce themselves. Why doesn’t work like that after Covid, apparently?