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Do you think Podcasts are generally valuable, or do they end up being too superficial into a topic and a means of entertainment instead of a learning tool?

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You live on a farm, run a marketing company, and write books on stoicism (most recently), but also have the human interest piece about the Gawker/Hogan case. Do all of these areas intersect in a central area of specialization for you - the "thing" you enjoy (writing, research, etc)? Or do you have varied interests and are skilled in many of them? To an outside observer, your interest seems scattered, yet you still do them well. So, how do you choose what to focus/ work on next?

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That's interesting.. I know who he is but I have actually never heard him speak or read anything by him. I'm assuming there is a similarity?

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Do you believe any of the following is related to the rise in suicide & anxiety? Why or why not?

  • The decline of objective morality / moral standards in our society
  • The rise of post-modern thinking (nothing has intrinsic meaning, we create our reality)
  • The evolution model - we evolved from slime, and there is no point to life or creation
  • Exposure to graphic violence in TV, video games, and other media

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Does this mean they are irrelevant?