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Makes sense with the "Have to be trained to use" comment. When I had to use it, my boss warned me that it was pretty nasty stuff.

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Your staff are advising customers signing up for HFC NBN connections that they need to buy a modem. When I asked if plugging an AP with a Internet port (just an ethernet port which can be configured to pull a DHCP address) into the NTD would work, I was told it wouldn't, because I need a modem to distribute the connection over my WiFi. When I pointed out that that's not what a modem does, the staff member put me on hold and checked if plugging an AP with an Internet port would work, since the NTD is a router. She then confirmed that it would work fine.

It seems to me like a lot of people have needlessly bought $150 modems, when their existing wireless AP / router with an Internet port would work just fine.

Is that a concern to you?

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So you are ok with the salesperson telling me that I will need to buy a modem and then providing me with incorrect information to convince me to buy a modem? huh. ok.

In case you were wondering "Hmmm, we do our best to train our staff and we always encourage people to buy a modem router so that we can support them better, but I'll look into why a salesperson would be giving you incorrect information" was the non-scumbag response there.