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Tim spector: We highlight 15 good and 15 bad microbes in the report - and we all have a mix of them that varies widely. At present we can tell you some foods to improve numbers of the good guys relative to the bad ones. We havent found many foods to eat to "destroy" the bad guys yet. Our advice will be to concentrate on building up the good guys and avoid highly processd foods to reduce the bad guys. As we get closer to a million peoples data we can improve our advice on individual foods and microbes. Good luck!

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Nicola here: The lung mirobiome is not comparable in complexity and size with that of the gut (or of the oral cavity). But there are indeed non=pathogenic microbes in the lungs and researchers are indeed studying how to exploit them against respiratory conditions. This project might be of interest: https://www.cureasthma.eu/ !

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Tim spector: given the power of the big food companies - I dont see change anytime soon.

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Dr. Sarah Berry here! The most reliable way to lose weight varies hugely between each individual. Its all about eating the right foods for your biology and not stressing about calorie counting. For most of us, consuming a diet rich in healthy plant and animal foods, high in fiber with a good balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates and predominantly unprocessed foods will support a healthy gut, minimize glucose excursions and prevent excessive eating for ones own needs.

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Nicola Segata here: it's genetics in a rather small part, environment, exposure to maternal microbiomes at birth (think C-section vs natural birth, breast feeding vs formula feeding), diet, lifestyle, hygiene... so much more than "just" human genetics