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I was very nervous to perform that number in China, because I'm still quite unclear about the LGBT community is overall accepted in China, and I never want to make a scene or huge statement about my sexuality, I prefer to let my art speak for me, and I was so honored and so proud that my performances were so respected and so enjoyed by many of my Chinese fans.

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Yes, I've designed 95% of my own costumes, and now i am happily designing for other skaters and also working on my own active sportswear line.

Hahah! Um... politics.

Oh! Let's see... my male partner for Blades of Glory would probably be... I never thought about that... let's say... Maxim Trankov. He's the most recent Olympic pairs champion and I know I'd be in safe hands.

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Tara and I have a lot of opinions about fashion, and they don't always go hand-in-hand, but we have the most fun as fashion collectors - we so admire the art in fashion. I suppose the new book is Instagram - we LOVE our instagram @TaraandJohnny and we love to take our fans on adventures with us, and who knows, maybe one day a fashion book will find its way onto your coffee table.

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First of all, thank you.

The public's perception of figure skating is that it's a very gay-heavy sport, but I can say that probably 95% of the sport is straight. I have known some gay Russian skaters, and gay Eastern European skaters, that I have known in confidence and in private. And being gay isn't a topic that I bring up as the most important thing when I see my friends around the world, it's "how are you doing, how is your life" because it's not a topic that comes up in conversation because it's accepted and it's normal with me.

Well, since the 80's and 90's, we haven't had the strongest - after Michelle Kwan, essentially, we haven't had the strongest international results in the US and the popularity suffers in the country when your athletes aren't performing that well. Of course we have had some successes - but they come from the men's and ice dancing genre of figure skating, and usually America historically follows the ladies skaters, and we haven't had the strongest team in the ladies competition. So Tara and me being the face of the broadcast team for NBC will hopefully open it up to new audiences, not just die-hard fans who have followed the sports for years, but it will be some time before our team is back on top, so to that point, I can't say that we will have huge sophisticated ice shows in the US. However, I am always hopeful and always working on my own ideas to bring figure skating to the US on both the TV and in live performances, because our sport is constantly evolving and there are new champions and new faces all the time.

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As a figure skater, I have a very defined idea of figure skating. I understand the rules, I know many of the people that I am actually critiquing now while they are on the ice, so that move to being able to speak knowledgeably and from the heart, but at the same time I know these people and I always feel bad if I have to give a harsh critique. So I have to be honest with my audience and tell them what they are seeing, despite my personal relationships. So that's a very difficult thing to do.

Tara is sweet. She is a hard worker, and she knows how to achieve everything that she wants. So she works very hard to make her life better and the way that she wants it to be.