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I've always thought lucid dreaming sounded interesting, but to be honest, this answer really comes off almost like someone trying to get me to join an MLM.

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You've mentioned that you've had lucid dreams that have changed your outlook on life. Can you be more specific? Can you give some examples of dreams you've had, or dreams others have had, that have changed them, and what that change was?

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It's actually something I'd be interested in exploring more, but I was really curious how it was so life-changing, beyond just having fun in your dreams. I was hoping OP would answer that question since they alluded to it multiple times, but all the vague responses really made this sound like they were about to invite me to a get-rich-quick seminar and sell me a course on how to make money flipping houses.

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Thanks for putting out so much great music over the years. Are there any albums or songs that you look back on and wish you had done differently? Also, are you surprised by the reaction to any of your music? As in, you find yourself surprised that certain albums were so well received when you weren't expecting it, or is there something you thought would become a classic part of your catalog that just never quite caught on?