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It's turtles all the way down

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Not the author but I used to write software for hospitals that include alerts for medical mistakes, or in this particular case, intentional abuse. The short answer is yes but hospital workers are overburdened with alerts as it stands now so either the alert list gets pared back or sometimes they get ignored.

The longer answer is that these alerts may be based on statistics (so big data sort of) but are more often based on specific rules (i.e. if dosage > X alert). To give you an example of the latter, there was a well known medical mistake where a nurse was injecting a child with way more of a drug than would ever be used because someone wrote the units wrong / she was an idiot.

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Not certain if Tesla will wins out long term but battery technology is a real potential moat whereas We Work has none other than potentially brand.

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Out of concern for you as an entrepreneur, what sort of tests have you done to verify people want to stay there?

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For an early stage startup, he's almost certainly right about what the culture was like. There's really no other way to run things in the early days.

But yeah the rest sounds like corporate bullshit.