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What is the "endo cannabinoid system" and what role does that play in immune responses and creating environment for apoptosis?

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Have you found "Whole plant" extracts more beneficial at causing apoptosis then isolated cannabinoids?

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Cbd and THC better together :) I think that means you still just working with isolates as oppose to whole plant oils. We have found anecdotally within the cannabis community whole plant oils seem to cause alot more apoptosis than isolates. Oestrogen positive breast cancers respond particularly well to 3:1. We have also found sun grown whole plant oils with half decarbed (cbda plus cbd) seem to need much smaller amounts to have the same affects as opposed to light grown oils. . Like by a division of ten all anecdotal and not patentable, but thought you'd like to know. If you would like me to provide some extracts vi guy. Please dm.

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To show their therapuetic use and raise awareness. There are many in the UK who use cannabis extracts illegally to treat cancer. Very easy to grow, and very easy to extract whole plant profile oils and use as a medicine as people have done for millenia.

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By "interfere" do you mean make whatever drugs you are using more bioavialble in your blood stream. Visa vi your brilliant study showing chemo drug to be more effective when in conjunction with cbd and THC?