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Yes I think it should be legal. Everyone gets paid when a kidney transplant is performed. The doctors, the nurses, the hospital, why shouldn't the kidney donor also be paid, they are doing such a noble thing. I am all for compensating live kidney donors.

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Thanks, I did peritoneal dialysis for 2 yrs. I had to stop cuz I got peritonitis 6 times, plus pd wasn't cleaning me out very well. I went back to hemodialysis. I'm currently on hemodialysis.

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My blood type is B+ I would need a B or O blood type donor. You can call my transplant coordinator at uci medical center in orange, ca at 1-714-456-8441 for a transplant evaluation form if you are interested in getting tested for me, or if you have any questions regarding living donation. Thank you for your interest, I am very grateful.

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People would be free to donate if they wanted to. No one can force anyone to donate.

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Being on dialysis is pretty miserable. You feel sick and tired most of the time. You can't pee but you still get urges to go pee. The complications are endless. I've probably been in the hospital over 100 times due to infection or other complications. On dialysis, your not really living, your just existing. Your on life support, without dialysis, you would be dead.