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My wife and I lived in a neighborhood where many Mormon families come to study dentistry. (Case Western). There were 7 Mormon families on our one block. They were the best neighbors. We all traded food on a weekly basis. We used to go to their family night from time to time for the chili cook-off and variety acts. Yeah it was a little goofy & wholesome but we were post collage and done with the exausting bar scene. We honestly never ever felt like they were trying to convert us. They never once spoke to us about scripture or teachings. We had the best block parties too. This was on the East side of Cleveland right before the recession. Once they graduated and moved out the whole neighborhood went completely to shit. We were lucky to get out from under that house.

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Doesn't the VPN I pay 5 bucks for each month already protect me from my ISP? P.S. I don't know jack about computers...

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I used to install cable for Charter... I trust my VPN a hell of a lot more than Charter, that much is for sure. Although I do not personally know much about my VPN, it came as one of the most highly recommended because of its privacy policies. I know if the FBI asked them to keep logs on me they would have to comply but I'm not worried about those kinds of situations. This legislation allowing ISPs to sell without authorization is what led me to look into VPNs. Thanks for the info to all above.