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I don't want to download your app as I don't have enough space on my phone, but aren't you basically recreating a PDA inside a smartphone?

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Cool. Ill give it a look and respond in a bit

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So, from what I see, this is basically an online calendar with share function, right? It's well executed from what I saw, but I do not see who your userbase would be. As a student I don't see a good use for this program, maybe it's better for business practices? Even then, most of the time everybody has their own calendar and timetable.
Here some ideas for you: -Make it clear where groups are Structure it with ''group'' folders graphically. (Something like when you type tree in cmd) -In each group you should have a ''timetable'' where you make out the time you can spend to do things that are going to be on the check-list (something like a ''those are the times I'm usually at work'') -An Operator/Owner of group/Creator should be able to set tasks for individuals as well as for everybody within a specific group. -Add group messaging and file sharing within groups -you should be able to make groups within groups

Other than that there were minor translation issues into german but that's to be expected from an indev program. I hope this can help you. For now I'll just stick to my PDA. 3 out of 5 stars.