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JohnS_AZ9 karma

I've been reading HaD almost since its start and love it. Up until recently it was almost a running joke; "HaD is great, just don't read the comments." due the numbers of ill-spirited trolls occupying the comment space. This has seemed to improve dramatically. How did you manage that? Are you reviewing/editing all comments now? Whatever it is, keep up the good work.

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https://tindie.com/ seems to be back up.

JohnS_AZ2 karma

@tindie just tweeted: "Still working on bringing the site back up. Will answer every question on Reddit once this is fixed."

JohnS_AZ1 karma

From the Hackaday Prize rules (stages 2 and 3) it says "...and post the video to Hackaday’s YouTube channel at...". How does one post a video to someone else's YouTube channel?

JohnS_AZ1 karma

Huh, you made me think ... wonder if I'll get in trouble for putting the HaDPrize logo on my entry documentation. Mike?