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28 Days was a tough one because it was so hardcore and bleak; especially with no music written yet. But once you immerse yourself in the ideas and the story you end up in that headspace anyway. And then it's hard to think of anything else. Helps to have an ongoing dialog with the director too. And Danny is good at that.

Climbing out again... beer and sleep.

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Recording the orchestra on The Suicide Squad was tricky during Covid because we had to record each section of the orchestra on separate days. So any changes made with dynamics or expression had to be added to to the score for the next sections. And we had no idea what the orchestra would sound like all together until we pulled everything up in the mix. But everyone recording around that time was in the same boat so we just got on with and hoped for the best. Thankfully we had great mix guys at Igloo who pulled it all together.

The most interesting and rewarding project was also The Suicide Squad. Loved every minute and and James was a blast.

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Chilling with the wife and kids. English Sunday roast. Liverpool beating Man United 5-0. A good movie. A few beers. A good book. A good sleep.

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I do. But I end up playing a lot of stuff myself e.g. guitars, keys, bass, synths, percussion etc. Mostly because that's the bit I like the most.

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Thank you! I started out as a punk guitarist in Liverpool so EVERYTHING was a road block! The first couple of years in LA were scary because I couldn't read music, couldn't orchestrate, didn't know shit about how a film score was really supposed to be produced. So I just taught myself. And I realized quickly enough that the theory, and the orchestration skills, are not the most important thing after all. They're wonderful and practical things to have, they really are. But, for me at least, the most important stuff were the ideas, and the understanding of story, and the heart you put in.