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Hello Stephen, you and I share a mutual close relationship: the late Mathematica pioneer Richard E. Crandall of Apple ACG, Reed College and Perfectly Scientific. To you he was a colleague and friend, to me he was a teacher (Reed) and mentor/boss (PSI).

While I worked under Crandall's supervision as an employee at his consulting firm I learned a great deal about Wolfram Language/M'ca and Cellular Automata.

Since I left Richard's firm I have formulated a novel (to me) theory that hypothesizes a possible link between Cellular Automata, the Holographic Principle / Black Hole Information Paradox and Cybernetics. My specific theory is that it is possible to enscribe a cellular automata Turing machine on the event horizon of a black hole, thereby creating a cybernetic governor of the inscribed holographic universe. Would you like to read and critique my draft paper before it is submitted to the peer review press?

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It's still a (very!) rough draft. Need to recruit co authors with subject matter expertise greater than my layman's understanding of these things. Uncertain what sort of journal would be an appropriate outlet for such a publication...

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It is a theory (untested/unproven) that sort of cross pollinates the "fractal boundary" between Physical Cosmology / Cellular Automata / Cybernetics / Theology.

If it is true it is the rough starting point for a modern scientific theory of God.