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Hi Ella! What do you think were the main factors behind Homo sapiens effectively dominating over Neanderthals (interbreeding notwithstanding)? And to that end, do you think it's actually possible to make a firm species differentiation between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens? Thanks (and congrats on the great programme!)

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Hi again Ella! Thanks for this fulsome and really interesting reply! And there are some very thought-provoking points contained within it :)) Am I correct that a somewhat lay definition of species differentiation is the lack of ability to breed together successfully to produce fertile offspring? Because by that measure, it would appear that you can't make a proper species differentiation between H sapiens and Neanderthals (which side of the "argument" are you on here, by the way?!). It's correct to say (I think!) that genome analysis suggests that H sapiens and Neanderthals shared a common ancestor one step further back in the Darwinian Tree of Life - so could this be an instance of speciation followed by re-amalgamation of the two species? Sounds like I'm going to enjoy tonight's programme a lot in any case!!

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Oooh also, with your stand-up hat on: do you have a favourite joke (or, for that matter, ANY jokes!) about either Neanderthals or paleoanthropology in general (and "paleoanthr-apologies" - while good - doesn't count :D )?