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I like surviving, I try not to give myself too much credit. Haha.

Oh man, I’m doing pretty good on my bucket list, I’ve lived most of my life trying not to set expectations and just embrace the experiences I get. That being said, I really want to travel more, and I’m always trying to push my physical and mental comfort zones to make myself a bigger and better person. When will I do them? Right now. Start today, whatever it is, take that first step. Even if it’s only making a list of what I want to do.

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“No”! Hah. Thank you for the catch.

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Mostly by practicing stoic philosophy, which is a rabbit hole I can go down but won’t unless anyone is specifically curious.

Essentially the biggest help with stoic philosophy is the acceptance that death is something we all face, and that none of us live relatively long at all, so enjoy -any- experiences you can while you’re here and don’t worry so much about when or how it ends.

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Whenever I get testing, it helps me to remember that all the tests are doing is giving me a clearer picture of what’s going on. Whatever is happening is already happening, the tests are just helping me address it. I hope you get helpful results friend.

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MMJ has been essential, I live in Seattle so I’ve got some good options ;)

MMJ is the most helpful thing, though mindfulness and meditation have also helped me accept my symptoms both acute and chronic from treatment.

Good luck to you and your journey with cancer!