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I just want to let you know that one upon a time, Judas Priest saved me from getting a speeding ticket.

I was taking a drive down a sidestreet, while listening to breaking the law. I begin to get close to some railroad tracks when the lights come on for the crossing guard and begin slowing down. Immediately at that moment I hear the police sirens from the studio recording. This caused me to look back and see a police car pull out of his speed trap. I look forward and floor the car, making it across the tracks as the guards come down, during the peak of the song. The train came, blocking the police car before he got close enough to even see my plate, and I made my escape*. The events lined up perfectly with the song.

Had it not been for me listening to that song I would not have heard the false siren, and would not have looked back, which would have resulted in me getting a ticket as I sat there waiting for the train to pass.

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Which mutual friend of the band recommended the new guitarist, Ritchie Faulkner?

What is your favorite Manowar album?