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JoeyCriZack3 karma

I couldn't agree more. The schools put so much emphasis on the tests that they end up just teaching the information needed for the test instead of developing a student's critical thinking skills.

JoeyCriZack3 karma

Hi Raj, like you, I am the son of a Lancaster County biology teacher. I would just like to know your stance on our region's education system, which seems to me to be completely dependent upon standardized tests.

The tests, to me (and pretty much everyone I know) are pretty pointless and the kids don't care about it, yet they are one of the largest determining factors for evaluating a school's performance. I graduated from Penn Manor a few years ago and I noticed how much attention was put on these tests instead of in more beneficial areas. Is there anything that you believe could improve our current system?

Also, thank you for doing this AMA, it's great to see a candidate actively converse with the public.