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Congratulations on your lotto win -if costs still matters you will be pleasantly surprised as shipping to Japan is relatively inexpensive- There's so much cargo coming to the U.S. that ships return empty. You can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000. As far as red tape there would be none on the U.S. side. All that's required is the original title of the vehicle. On the import side - it would be considered a "temporary import" and you'd just be required to acquire a bond which the Japanese agent would easily be able to arrange for you. When you're ready for your quote you can visit us here - http://www.cfrrinkens.com/contacts-formular

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The biggest thing is a pay hauler. It's enormous- used in rock quarries serving the purpose similar to a dump truck. It has to go roll-on-roll-off (Ro-Ro). This ship is basically a floating underground parking garage with sections 100 yards long that raise and lower to accommodate much larger cargo.

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Am I single?

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Absolutely. Door-to-door, white glove service is always available in all countries. The first step is to contact us and we'll send someone to your house to do a visual inspection of the goods in order to determine the size of the move. The cost for moving overseas is based on your cubic foot total, whereas the cost to move, say, from N.Y. to L.A. is based on weight.

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Interesting question- being that we are CTPAT certified - Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. We are required to do a certain amount of investigating for contraband of cargo before it leaves port. We have never actually found any contraband / drugs here in the states however recently one of our containers arrived to Holland and to our surprise there was a backpack full of narcotics on top of one of the vehicles in the container. If you can picture ocean containers stacked upon each other on their way overseas - there is no way to open the door once a container's on top. Essentially - in our care - we do everything possible to protect the cargo and with compliance.