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I live literally across the street from a Wendy's and they close at midnight. My saddest moment is, a few days after I moved in, when I was high at 2am, I walked across the street to get a burger and chili only to find them closed. There's a Burger King on the other side of the Wendy's and I thought, "Well, I guess a whopper will do in a pinch." but, alas, the BK was closed as well. There was a Taco Bell about 4 miles down the road (across from a Popeye's) and I thought some chicken or a taco would work. Get my friend to drive me (because high) and THEY were closed, too.

I had to go home and eat ramen, like some poor college student.

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Probably because they never answer their AMA questions.

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I had that, too. I remember one time in 7th grade we had this boys vs girls quiz competition in one of my classes. They lined the boys and the girls up facing each other. It was winter and a little chilly in the school that day. I could see pokey nipples from the girl in front of me and could not stop thinking about them. I remember getting this boner that would not go away, and I couldn't focus on anything except this girl's pokeys. I remember wanting to pull her shirt off and start playing with them. Or jerk off. Or do something. Good thing I didn't act on that urge, I guess.

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Hitachi magic wands are quite long, she might be able to make that work as well.

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always take talk of suicide seriously

True. i was seriously considering killing myself last year. I tweeted something about it. I got one response which was, "Stop being so emo. Jesus. You sound like a 14 year old."

Nothing happened (obviously), but not such a great response.