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Mr. Sedaris,

First off thank you so much for doing this AMA! I've missed your shows each time you've come to my area, and this time I'll be missing your one in San Antonio YET AGAIN cause I'll be on vacation ): I've been a huge fan of yours since forever ago, I did Forensics in High School, and pretty much everyone does prose and poetry from you haha

So my question to you, Mr. Sedaris, what's the craziest thing you've ever considered writing about, but decided it wouldn't fit well in one of your books?

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Out of curiosity, do y'all do anything with other "darknets" such as hyperboria and the like?

I'm so extremely fascinated with how all these things are starting to explode, it's great (: Thanks for the AMA!

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Today is a great day, Granni OP delivers, now Albino Dick OP delivers.

But for real I had this question too. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.

Followup: Are albino body hairs equally light? Like I have blonde-ish hair but REALLY dark body hair.

Edit: Nevermind, learn to scroll more Joeskyyy.

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Quite anonymous, routes are all handled through an open source routing protocol.

The idea behind hyperboria is that you would eventually be able to access this without an actual internet connection.

You may have heard the term "meshnet" before, hyperboria is supposed to be part of a huge world wide meshnet.

The only way you can actually establish a connection to it is by knowing someone who can give you a key access to one of their meshnet servers. After that, you can't even see the hops that happen between you and the destination. All traffic is encrypted from end to end as well! Pretty damn neat. Haven't found a way to expose anything yet!

I'd recommend trying it out locally on say 2 servers, and see if you can establish a connection. This can be done over a public internet connection and just creating a tun interface. (Linux here of course).

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Neat! Y'all should check out the work that goes on over at /r/darknetplan (: Lot's of crazy ideas and fun times over there!