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I too am afraid and I spend most of my life in buildings.

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My question is for Kor Adana:

How does it feel to be a writer on this show? Especially this season since you know, after a spectacular first season, the pressure must be overwhelming, and I've heard the schedule was pretty tight as well because of the block-shooting approach.

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Hey Serj & John!

First of all, I just want to thank you for doing this. Umm yeah, so..

Your show at The Forum was fucking awesome. I'm really glad you played CUBErt. Takes you back to the old days, you know, when you did smaller venues and stuff. How do you decide when to play 'rarer' songs like this one? I mean I don't think you'd play songs like Shimmy or Blue at every show, right?

Also, have you guys ever played Friik live? Shavo told me you did like waaay back, I just want to hear it from you guys as well, I really like that song. Like most of the older songs. Would be nice to see a recording of it or something thrown in a live DVD or whatever if you ever decide [if] to release anything like that.

So that's all I guess. Rock on.

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From a writer's perspective, why was it so important to keep Tyrell's whereabouts a secret for so long?

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