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The mods may have verified your account, but did they verify you to be a human and not a thing?

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I'll say.

You things didn't really plan for Kurt Russell.

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I'm a film maker, and my next project is about "deprogramming".

Have you heard of the term, and did anyone possibly deprogram you, or did you use "exit counseling"? And did the cult warn you about deprogrammers?

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May I suggest reading this book? It's written by Ted Patrick, the man who coined the term "deprogramming" as well as creating the technique. It's a bit dated, but you have to remember that it was written in the 1970s, a time in America where new age religions were a lot more common and got a lot of media attention. In this book, Patrick talks about his deprogramming sessions, and how different cults have different holds on people. It's a short read, just under 300 pages, as well as a very entertaining one. It could help you out.

I also suggest, if you haven't looked into this already, checking out Rick Ross. He's an anti-cult activist, and now runs a blog where he tracks many cults throughout the country as well as his own personal website. I've called him before, regarding deprogramming, and he returned my call. I'm not sure if any of this will actually help you, since everyone is different, but after reading Patrick's book, I feel it would.