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What do you think you'll be doing in like 10 years from now? You are an inspiration so I'm sure you'll still be an inspiration.

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I'm sure it will be all good James. Your books are the warmest and most inspirational ever and I'm sure your future will be bright. Wishing you all the best ever. You and Bob <3

JoanofCat2 karma

Hi James - is it still possible for you to take buses or the tube or does it get too busy with ppl wanting to talk to you etc

JoanofCat2 karma

Apart from your own lovely books ; what other cat books do you like?

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Do people that are still in the situation you once were in often approach you and need advice or someone to talk to? I'm sure you must be a great inspiration to them. And what do you do to take care of yourself so you are not too stressed or overwhelmed - for all this that's happening must be a bit overwhelming at times?