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You dug out the hidden Molstrom fight? @[email protected] With an ability like that, you should start digging for gold, THAT's where the real $$$ is.

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(On a side-note, I love that you are able find these things, wow.) @[email protected]

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I met with Simon while he worked on Owlboy. I was on my way to a big AAA company to work, but right before I was off, Simon showed me Owlboy. I dropped my bags, and started working on it there and then. It changed my life meeting the guy, and that's the biggest reward I've got out of all of this. Mid-development I found that all the support we were getting was very rewarding. When I first started working in games, I had this voice in my head telling me: "You're working on games huh? What a loser." The support from my family and friends silenced that voice for good. It was only my own voice, all along.

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My parent's support has been a huuuuge factor. Half of D-Pad stayed at my parents house for more than half of the development, rent-free. It helped us focus on the game, and not on our economic situation, which also helped a lot in creating the kind of quality of game that we were striving for. I'm still sitting in my parents house, right in the living room, with my dad blasting xmas music on all speakers. Pic proof: https://twitter.com/JoeyGames/status/812003570325319680

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Also joining, is D-Pad's Julianne Royce (juletones, Simon's wife and our Manger of Management (M.O.M), aka promo girl), and Martin Kvale (Noctilucentclouds, Additional sound designer on Owlboy, also working on most of Norways game projects! Ask them ANYTHING!