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really? i figured it might be seen as an added value to you as an employee but you have a point

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do you plan on including the implant on your resume?

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dude, MDPV, I know the margins must've been amazing but that shit, much like the wu-tang clan, ain't nothin' to fuck with

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eh, I'm of the opinion that as long as you told the customer what chemical it was, so that they could do their due diligence on the chemical and whatnot, they are solely responsible for whatever shitstorm it ends up causing.

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uh, you do realize that with the proper processing, you can make nuclear waste safe in 400 years. As it stands, nuclear power seems to be the only low carbon energy source that can actually handle base load well and be implemented just about anywhere (obviously hydro and geothermal should be used when applicable). Also, you discuss the negative impacts of uranium mining but what about all of the monazite necessary for the rare earth metals which are required for wind farms?