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What are some modern processes used to allow tombs to be open for viewing, but to also protect them? I've done a few virtual tomb tours that were great, but had me thinking about this.

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One more question :) In your opinion, what is the most important and under-rated archeological find in Egypt - one that we (gen pop) probably don't know much about but is worth learning more about?

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As a parent of a teen ASD/ADHD child, this is one of the more heartbreaking and difficult things to navigate. My son feels like he has a hard time being himself around others, and we try so hard to understand what this means to him. When we talk to him about this, he seems to then want to align himself with groups that would take him even further out from connecting with people. The "unrealistic" part of his thinking makes it all the more difficult.

Thank you for this AMA!

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Thank you so much for this information and for doing this AMA.

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Did this impact ,South Dakota, as a state going forward, in ways that we can still see today?

Did any, many, some of these women stay in South Dakota or was that just a place to divorce and move on?