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JiveTurkeyMFer93 karma

If im not elderly or a weed virgin, can I still be in a video? Let me know when you get to the "random dudes smoking weed for the 9181518th time" video!

JiveTurkeyMFer63 karma

Or a real brother with broken arms.

JiveTurkeyMFer40 karma

Maybe you need to move bro

JiveTurkeyMFer36 karma

Instructions unclear, dick now covered in molten wax. 7/10 would try again.

JiveTurkeyMFer23 karma

As someone that sits at home and smokes all day( when I'm off work at least, not copious amounts, but smalls bits pretty often) I can agree with this. Too much of anything is a bad thing, it's just that the negatives of staying high on weed aren't as easily noticeable. I'm cutting down my frequency now, but sometimes I wonder how much more I'd have accomplished so far if I didn't use weed to help "cure" my boredom, and instead did productive shit