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Thanks for the answers!
I can see how it would be easier in basically ny other country than the US.

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Really love what you guys have decided to make! I have a few questions: - Why Rwanda and Ghana over any other places? - I'm actually curious about how your business model works. Do you work with a subscription model of the hospitals and places you deliver too? Are you financed directly by the government as a public service? I'd be really curious to know. - In the continuity of the previous question, do you work with NGOs? Have you for example ever been called upon in cases of natural disasters, when flooding for example would prevent traditional means of traveling deportation to reach a specific location? (I also saw Bill Gates tweet about you guys recently, do you have support from his foundation?) If not, is it something you would consider? (Both NGOs and working during natural disasters)

That's already quite a few questions, so I'll stop there (for now?) Again, you guys are pretty inspiring!